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  • Latest Arrivals 07/16/24

    Latest Arrivals 07/16/24

    Summer has been Sizzling Hot! Thanks to the community, we’ve been full and items are continuing to fly out the door!  The picture is just a taste of what’s come in the last week.  Stop on by as our inventory is ever changing.  You can also find some of the new items featured on Instagram.  I…

  • Here’s what is happening around the block @ Seams to Fit Home:

    Here’s what is happening around the block @ Seams to Fit Home:

    Thank you to all our clients and those who follow us on social! We are having a great summer and we hope you are too. We are excited to share we have great new pieces in our inventory that are a must see. Looking to refresh your space or clear your space out, don’t hesitate…

  • Vacation for STFH!

    Vacation for STFH!

    We will be closed the first of July and return July 9th @ 10am.  Thank you for your continued support.  Happy Summer! – Nova

  • Latest Arrivals 06/25/24

    Latest Arrivals 06/25/24

    Glass, Metal, Wood, & Leather… Basics but classics.  Great design doesn’t have to be overly frivolous.  You need quality foundational pieces to build your style around and we surely received some excellent basics this last week.  We’ve received so many pieces the last week or two that we haven’t even caught up on pricing!  So if something…

  • Happy Anniversary SALE!!!

    Happy Anniversary SALE!!!

    Friday & Saturday (06/07/24-06/08/24) Only!  Take an extra 10% off lowest marked price.  Come celebrate with us!  We are open today until 6 pm.  We hope to see you soon! – Nova

  • 1st Anniversary Sale & Latest Arrivals 06/05/24

    1st Anniversary Sale & Latest Arrivals 06/05/24

    Thank you for being a part of our journey! We’re having our first anniversary sale this Friday & Saturday (6/8 – 6/9)!  Take an extra 10% off the lowest marked price.  We are so excited that it’s already been a year and we want to thank you for your continued support.  Have a great week…

  • Latest Arrivals 05/28/24

    Latest Arrivals 05/28/24

    A little something extra… Imagine the thrill of discovering pre-loved treasures in our showroom and transforming your home with these unique finds. We share the excitement to celebrate your creativity and style so we’re introducing a new feature in our weekly emails. Don’t miss the chance to be featured – send us a photo of how…

  • Latest Arrivals 05/21/24

    Latest Arrivals 05/21/24

    Cabinets & Dressers & Sofas, Oh my! The items keep coming and we try to get them on the showroom floor as soon as possible.  This last week has some great additions.  Please check Instagram for daily updates as items hit the floor.  Let us know if anything tickles your fancy.  Have a great week! – Nova…

  • Latest Arrivals 05/15/24

    Latest Arrivals 05/15/24

    Behind the scenes, we had to switch it up! Items have been moving fast and we had to change up the items in our weekly email due to them selling before we could send the email out!  We so appreciate our clients and our community!  As usual, if you want to keep up with our newest…

  • Latest Arrivals 04/08/24

    Latest Arrivals 04/08/24

    A day later than usual, but the wait is worth it! We received some excellent pieces and wanted to make sure we could add them to this week’s email.  Thank you to our great community and our returning clients.  We remain a sustainable business because of you!  I hope everyone has a great week and…