Here’s what is happening around the block @ Seams to Fit Home:

Thank you to all our clients and those who follow us on social! We are having a great summer and we hope you are too. We are excited to share we have great new pieces in our inventory that are a must see.

Looking to refresh your space or clear your space out, don’t hesitate to come visit us!

Want to take a look at we have in stock?  Come visit our showroom @ 2237 NW Raleigh Street Portland Oregon 97210 or follow us on insta @SeamstoFitHome 


Lover of Design & Outdoors
“I love the idea of collaboration.  Working together with constructive feedback is a great way to team build and curate our showroom together.  Getting to know our community has been amazing.  Thank you for your continued support!”

Jan White
Showroom Designer & Avid Gardener
“I love quality furniture and STFH makes that affordable for more families! And our loyal customers, it has been a pleasure getting to know them.”

Christine Viveros
Client Services & Takes Names, Kicks Ass.
“Thanks to great consigners and loyal shoppers, rehoming furniture is easy to do at STFH.  I enjoy meeting the repeat customers and the newcomers as well!”